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Telehealth Appointments

We are committed to keeping both you and our staff safe while still taking care of your furry family members! We are excited to announce that we are offering virtual visits to our LVAH patients to aid in social distancing due to COVID-19.

If you think that your pet needs to be evaluated by your LVAH veterinarian, please call our office at (610) 395-0328 and speak with one of our Customer Care Representatives (CCR) and with the help of one of our veterinarians on staff, they’ll help to determine what the best way will be for your pet to be evaluated!  While most visits are compatible with virtual visits, there is a short list of situations where this mode of communication if not appropriate. If it’s been decided that a virtual visit is the best way for your pet to be evaluated, please see below for a summary of what to expect during your visit.

A “snapshot” of your virtual visit:

  1. Once your virtual visit is scheduled, you will need to sign an authorization form to allow your LVAH veterinarian to provide your pet with veterinary telehealth.
  2. Please provide an updated email address and we will email you the authorization form via DocuSign.
  3. Please read this form and provide an e-signature immediately upon receipt.
  4. Once this is signed, both you and our hospital will be emailed a copy of the signed form.
  5. Once we receive your signed authorization form, we will call you back to take payment for the virtual visit over the phone. The virtual visit is $35 and during this visit, your LVAH veterinarian will discuss your concerns, obtain a thorough history, evaluate areas of concern on your pet and will be able to provide an assessment and decide on a management plan. If medications are being prescribed as part of the management plan, these can be filled at our hospital and you can pay/pick them up at your convenience during our business hours using our usual “No Contact/Curbside Protocol” (see below). If your veterinarian’s assessment is that your pet needs to be seen physically in the hospital, we will schedule this visit accordingly and the usual Sick Exam fee will be reduced to a Medical Progress Exam fee during this follow-up appointment.
  6. Once your virtual visit has been scheduled/paid for, please refer to the instructions below on how to download the Zoom Video Conferencing app onto your smartphone, tablet or laptop/computer. If using a laptop/computer, please make sure you have a camera and microphone installed on this device. Please download and troubleshoot this app PRIOR to your scheduled virtual visit appointment time. The most common issues we see using the Zoom app is that we either can’t see or hear you! Please make sure that when prompted “Zoom Would Like to Access the Camera” and “Zoom Would Like to Access the Microphone” on your device, you click “OK”. Please make sure when prompted, you click “JOIN WITH VIDEO” and “CALL USING INTERNET AUDIO”. Please call our office if you’re having issues with the Zoom app so we can troubleshoot prior to your visit. This way, your veterinarian will be able to focus the entire virtual visit on your fur baby!
  7. At your scheduled virtual visit appointment time, please check your email from your veterinarian with a link to your Zoom meeting. Click on the link and it’ll bring up your Zoom app and allow you to see and hear your veterinarian! If you don’t get an email exactly at your appointment time, please be patient as your veterinarian is likely finishing up with another appointment. Our staff will do our very best to keep you informed if the doctor is running behind in appointments!